Please select a collar style:

  • Bristol


    Classic straight collar for all occasions. Slimmer than the Kent style collar.

  • Kent


    The universal and most common business collar. Wider than the Bristol style collar.

  • Spread


    Spread collar, also known as Italian style, English spread or shark neck.

  • Tab, rounded

    Tab, rounded

    Rounded collar with textile tab. The collar's sides are connected with the help of a buttoned tab underneath the tie knot.

  • Tab, square

    Tab, square

    Square collar with textile tab.

  • Button down

    Button down

    This collar type is less formal than the previous ones. It is a sportive choice.

  • Banded, square

    Banded, square

    A banded collar.

  • Banded, rounded

    Banded, rounded

    A banded collar with rounded corners.

  • Nehru


    A buttonless collar.

  • Casual


    A casual sports collar with soft interlining only; ideal for blouses.

Please select the stiffness of the collar:

  • Light


    Thin, soft inlay

  • Standard


    One layer of the default inlay

  • Sturdy


    Two layers of the default inlay For this option, we charge a premium of US$ 5.

Would you like to add collar stays?

  • None


    No collar stays.

  • Sewn-in stays

    Sewn-in stays

    Sewn-in collar stays made of durable polyester film.

  • Pockets for stays

    Pockets for stays

    Pockets to hold your own removable collar stays, approximately 1 cm (0.4 inches) wide. For this option, we charge a premium of US$ 5.

Should the collar be contrasting?

  • Matching collar.

    Matching collar.

    This is the standard.

  • Contrasting clear white collar.

    Contrasting clear white collar.

    Most commonly seen with blue shirts. A very business-like style.

    This option is incompatible with:

    • Fabric: White, poplin
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