Please choose your preferred style of cuffs:

  • Cut


    Cuff with cut corner.

  • Rounded


    Rounded cuff.

  • Square


    Square cuff.

  • French, cut

    French, cut

    French cuff with cut corner.

  • French, rounded

    French, rounded

    French cuff, rounded.

  • French, square

    French, square

    French cuff, square

  • Two-button, cut

    Two-button, cut

    Two-button cuff with cut corner.

  • Two-button, rounded

    Two-button, rounded

    Rounded, two-button cuff.

  • Two-button, square

    Two-button, square

    Square, two-button cuff.

  • Short sleeve

    Short sleeve

    No cuffs here. This will get you a short sleeve shirt.

Please choose the height of the cuffs:

  • 5 cm height

    5 cm height

    Smaller than usual cuffs with a height of only 5 cm.

  • 6 cm height

    6 cm height

    Standard cuffs with a height of 6 cm.

  • 7 cm height

    7 cm height

    Larger than usual cuffs with a height of 7 cm. This height is the default for french and double-buttoned cuffs.

  • 8 cm height

    8 cm height

    Larger than usual cuffs with a height of 8 cm.

For french cuffs, you may choose larger than usual buttonholes:

  • Standard


    Standard size buttonholes.

  • Large


    Larger buttonholes for use with symmetric cufflinks.

    This option is incompatible with:

    • Cuffs: Cut

Would you like your buttoned cuffs to be adjustable?

  • Standard


    Cuffs with a single button row.

  • Adjustable


    Cuffs with an additional button row, allowing you to adjust the width.

Should the cuffs be contrasting?

  • Matching cuffs

    Matching cuffs

    This is the standard.

  • Contrasting clear white cuffs

    Contrasting clear white cuffs

    It goes naturally with the contrasting collar. A very business-like style.

    This option is incompatible with:

    • Fabric: White, poplin
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