Body Measures or Shirt Measures?

You may choose from two approaches to measuring: Body Measures or Shirt Measures. Measuring your body by following our detailed guide will result in a set of measures that allow for accurate production of a shirt that fits you perfectly. Depending on your personal preferences, you may then opt for a cut that is either tighter or more relaxed than the standard. If you already own a shirt that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of fit, the second option is for you: Taking the measures directly off your existing shirt, you enable us to provide you with a perfect copy.

Please let us know your preferred unit and select your approach to measuring:

I want to measure in…


Body measures

Taking your body measures is much easier than you may expect. Within about 5 minutes, following our step by step guide, you will take no more than 7 measurements.

Shirt measures

If you have a shirt that fits you just about perfectly, you can simply take the measures we need off this shirt. This way you get an exact replica of your favourite shirt.

Please select your desired shirt style:


The standard option for men. Collars and cuffs are equipped with stiff interlinings. The cut of the shirt can be straight, tapered or widening.


This option is for women. The buttoning is adjusted and its fit is generally tighter. Collars and cuffs sport soft interlinings. Blouses are offered with waisted, straight or widening cut.

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