Do you wish to change the standard pocket setup?

  • No pockets

    No pockets

    A shirt without pockets.

  • Single pocket, left

    Single pocket, left

    A single pocket on the left side of the chest.

  • Single pocket, right

    Single pocket, right

    A single pocket on the right side of the chest.

  • Two pockets

    Two pockets

    Two pockets, one on each side of the chest.

Please select your preferred pocket style:

  • Open, square

    Open, square

    Open pocket, square.

  • Open, cut corners

    Open, cut corners

    Open pocket with cut corners.

  • Open, pointed

    Open, pointed

    Open pocket with pointed bottomline.

  • Open, rounded

    Open, rounded

    Open pocket with rounded edges.

  • Buttoned, square

    Buttoned, square

    Buttoned pocket, square.

  • Buttoned, cut corners

    Buttoned, cut corners

    Buttoned pocket with cut corners

  • Buttoned, pointed

    Buttoned, pointed

    Buttoned pocket with pointed bottomline

  • Buttoned, rounded

    Buttoned, rounded

    Buttoned pocket with rounded edges.

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